Fred C. Woudhuizen


In the present second volume of Selected Luwian Hieroglyphic Texts, I have edited and interpreted three more Luwian hieroglyphic inscriptions or set of inscriptions, namely Cekke, the Assur letters and Topada, thus adding some 200 phrases to the more than 600 of the first volume of this series (see below). The texts are edited in the same system of transliteration as developed for the aforesaid first volume and the preceding Luwian Hieroglyphic Monumental Rock and Stone Inscriptions from the Hittite Empire Period (see below), with the noted exception that ascertained readings of zi and za for the polyphonic *376 and *377 are written as such, be it distinguished by an exclamation mark to facilitate the reader. In connection with the reading of these latter Luwian hieroglyphic signs, as with some others of which the value is debated, it should, as an additional argument to the ones presented before, be added that comparisons not only to Hittite and cuneiform Luwian, but also to Lycian, Lydian, Cretan hieroglyphic, Cypro-Minoan, and Etruscan should be taken in consideration. At any rate, it is my conviction that only a scholar who masters all these fields will have the last word in the matter. In order to underline this point of view, among the appendices three are dedicated to, in the order of their appearance, the most important Lydian text, the bilingual with Aramaic, yet another Cretan hieroglyphic text, i.c. the inscription on the altar-stone from Malia, and one of the most important Etruscan texts, the bilingual with Phoenician from Pyrgi. Further appendices on the decipherment of Luwian hieroglyphic, Luwian great kings and the dating of the Köylütolu text complement this study, which, together with the two preceding ones mentioned, covers all main topics in the study of Luwian hieroglyphic and provides the most comprehensive grammatical surveys and indices on vocabulary available up to the present day.


Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Kulturwissenschaft, Sonderheft 124.
2005. 178 pp. & 5 figs. € 40.00. ISBN 3-85124-218-1.